President Biden: You Deserve the Right to Repair

January 12, 2022

President Joe Biden emphasized his support for the growing right to repair movement at the American Farm Bureau Convention this week in Atlanta, Georgia. Take a look at the below video:

“You deserve…the right to repair the equipment you own either yourself or at an independent shop…Capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism. It’s exploitation…Every day – and I mean this – every day, you have a partner in the White House.”

-President Joe Biden

President Biden’s comments coincide with the growing momentum around right to repair, as both Apple and Microsoft committed to advancing their customers’ right to repair their products. Last year, the Biden administration issued an executive order on promoting competition, while the FTC published its “Nixing the Fix” report.

Meanwhile, an overwhelming majority (78%) of vehicle-owning voters support federal right to repair legislation that provides greater choice in the automotive industry, such as the Save Money on Auto Repair Transportation (SMART) Act. The SMART Act restores choice, competition, and lower costs, by amending U.S. design patent law to reduce the time that car manufacturers can enforce design patents on collision repair parts against alternative parts manufacturers.

The SMART Act is a common-sense solution that will restore choice, competition, and lower costs to ensure consumers have choices for quality, safe, and affordable car replacement parts. Please join us in supporting the SMART Act today! www.carrepairchoice.org/take-action